How to view, edit and add to a contact profile

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Conversations help you learn about your users. Let’s show you how to view and edit a user's contact profile when having a conversation.  

You can view and edit your user's contact profile from the Conversation view on

  1. Step 1: Log in to your account and navigate to the “Dashboard” tab on the left-hand side.
  2. Step 2: Click on View Chats in any Collection of your choice.

View your user's profile

Once you are in a conversation you can see the user's TURN PROFILE and CUSTOM PROFILE in the Profile Panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Simply scroll down to see all the fields.

Turn Profile
This section contains default fields created for each contact you engage with on Turn.
Custom Profile
This is your space to add the custom data you want to collect on your users.
Note: We hide the user's full number by default for privacy. Need to view the full number? Click on the ↗️icon the to view the full contact profile.

Edit data in your user's profile

Click EDIT next to the TURN or CUSTOM PROFILE titles. You will see all the fields in the relevant section become editable.

  1. EDIT the data for the relevant fields.
  2. Click SAVE (at the top of the section) to save your data.

You will note that some fields are not editable. It you hover on the information tooltip the reason will be explained.

Add a new custom field

Add a new CUSTOM FIELD in the CUSTOM PROFILE section by clicking ADD next to the Custom profile title.

New custom fields added to a single user will be available on all users profiles.
  1. Give your field a name.
  2. Select the field type from the following options:
    1. TEXT: A text field. Operators can edit this field by typing text.
    2. DATE: A date field. Operator can edit this field using a Calendar Picker.
    3. TRUE/FALSE: A boolean field with only yes/no answers. Operators can edit this field by selecting Yes or No from a dropdown.
    4. PRE-DEFINED OPTIONS: A set of pre-defined options you create when adding the field. Operators can edit this field type by selecting one of the options from a dropdown.
  3. Complete additional fields if necessary.
  4. Click ADD NEW CUSTOM FIELD to save your new field.

Fantastic! 🎉 You’ve just saved some data on your users! Now use this to give them a more personalised experience.

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