24 Jan 2024: Journeys are the way forward

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

Journeys are powerful and will continue to grow. They will replace Automations and Threads so chat services are build in one place.

We've been making building automated chat services with Turn easier and easier. After months in beta, Stacks and Build is now grown up and it has a brand new name: Journeys!

It is much more than a name change, Journeys are now the primary way to build chat services on Turn. We are committed to keep improving the visual and code editor and make it intuitive to great powerful chat journeys for your audience. Care starts with a conversation!

Check our the latest Journey additions: Time-based triggers and branching.

So, what's changing exactly?

  • The Build page becomes the Journeys page, and Stacks will be called Journeys.
  • Automation and Threads will be on the Journeys page as well, neatly organised as tabs.
  • However, here's an important update: Automations and Threads are on their way out. You can still create them until June 30, 2024, but starting from July, no new Threads or Automations will be possible. But don't worry! We're making it super easy for you to convert your Threads into Journeys seamlessly.

Let's do this! Get started with journeys.

We're your biggest cheerleaders, and we firmly believe you're destined for greatness! 🚀 So, if you have any feedback along this exciting journey, feel free to reach out!

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