How to use the Branch block in journeys?

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You want to make sure your chat service speaks to every user's specific needs and personal context. The Branch block makes that easy!

With the Branch block you can split journeys to make sure users get the correct information and help suitable to their personal situation. Doing this in code journeys is already possible, but we made it easy to do for our no-code users.

For example, when a user's Language is Spanish, say hello to them in Spanish. Otherwise, say hello to them in English.

Where to find Branches?

It is a block type in Journeys. Simply click the + and select Branch.

Use one or more rules

Branching allows you to one or multiple rules. You can also decide if the conditions should both match (AND) or only if only one needs to be true (OR).

Switch to advanced mode

You can also use advanced rules to filter your contacts into the correct branches. You can switch between the basic and advanced modes with a simple toggle.

Use functions that are not supported in simple mode

You can use any of the Expressions in our documentation.

Group expressions using parentheses

It should be simple to build powerful, personalised chat journeys! 🌴🌲🌳

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