Help! Why hasn't my display name been approved?

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Facebook / WhatsApp provides the following common reasons for display-name approval problems: 



The name represents a business that isn't directly related to the end client.

Possible issues: 

  1. Your WhatsApp Business Account was set up with an agency and not the parent company. 
  2. The name is general, i.e.: ‘test1’.

The name isn't consistent with your business branding.

If the display name is representing a company, then it should follow the company’s branding. For test accounts and other business departments or services, their team will look for end client association (i.e. "Fresh Produce test").

Format is unacceptable.

Make sure to include spacing between words and to capitalise the first letter of a word (if appropriate).

Not policy compliant.

Names should comply with WhatsApp’s business policies.

Visit the official Display Name guidelines.

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