3 Feb 2023: Search with quick picks or date&time filters

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

We are giving you more control over message search. Find messages for exact dates & times, or use the quick pick options.

You can already search for messages based on keywords, assigned operators, labels and dates. You can also save these searches as Collections, making it easy to find and answer specific messages. We improved the search experience by adding date & time granularity, and providing four quick pick options.

Search on date and time

Find messages you sent or received within exact date and time frames. You can specify the start date & time and the end date & time.

Use a quick pick option, e.g. create a 24 hour message collection

We also added four quick picks. Just one click to get what you need!

Have a look at how simple it is to get all messages received within the last 24 hours!

Steps to set it up
  • Go to Search page
  • Filter on Received and select the 24 hour quick pick
  • Save your Collection

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