11 Oct 2022: Building blocks

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We’ve added different type of blocks to Build to make it less daunting for content-focused users to create impact services with Stacks.

We’ve introduced the idea of blocks that can do different things in Build. Currently there are 4 types of blocks to use:


Use Markdown to add notes or instructions about how your stack works. Standard markdown syntax should be used.


Define the various steps that make up your impact service using functions and/or expressions.

Content Tables

Store some content in a way that makes it easy to interact with from a card. The table format allows you to use rows for content, for example a list of FAQs or a list of questions with answer options as buttons.


Often there will be common bits of text and values that are re-used between cards. Think of things like the welcome text on a button that takes one back to the main menu for example.

Blocks in action

To see the power of blocks, have a look at this a multiple choice question survey template created using Stacks.

  • There are 10 questions, but questions can be added and deleted as necessary.
  • Each question can have one to three buttons as answers.
  • All content is editable in content tables (no coding required).

🚀We can't wait to see what Playbooks you Build and publish with Stacks.

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