19 Apr 2024: Start a journey from the inbox

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

It is great when technology takes care of repetitive tasks on your behalf. You can now kick-off a specific journey for a user from the inbox.

Let's say you are working on your helpdesk chatting to someone and helping them with questions, after the conversation is resolved you would like to send them the feedback journey; or perhaps you see a user struggling to navigate your service and you can help them by starting the correct journey. You can now do this from the helpdesk.

Below the reply box you will see a new Start journey action.

Once you trigger that action you will be prompted to select the desire journey. The user will then be interacting with that flow without you having to do anything.

In the example below the user has a question but instead of sending multiple manual messages you can start the "Ask a question" journey that will automatically prompt and guide the user to collect the relevant details.

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