26 Feb 2024: "First Message Received At" profile field

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

Knowing when someone first interacted with your service means you can segment users and deliver more personalised experiences.

We added a new default profile field called "First Message Received At". This makes it possible to segment users based on how long they have been using your service.

  • "First Message Received At" records the date and time of the first time a user messaged your service.
  • For existing contacts the field is backfilled using the datetime value from the first time the user interacted with your service.

Find the "First Message Received At" in the profile section

To date we exposed three fields related to the last time someone interacted with your service. You now also get information on the first interaction.

Hover on the info icon to see the exact datetime.

Coming soon: Differentiate between new and returning users

This profile field allows differentiation between new and returning users. We are working on a "first-time visitor" trigger that will make it super simple to set up registration and/or onboarding journeys for new users, whilst sending returning users straight to the main menu. Keep your eyes out for that launching.

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