How to best use the GenAI Playbooks

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Playbooks are great! At the click of a button you can test out ideas from others and craft it to suit your needs.

We have published a series of GenAI Playbooks, each demonstrating a specific use case. We can't wait for you to test it and, more importantly, customise it to suit your use case. The idea of a Playbook is to spark some new ideas so that you can explore and build even better and more impactful AI-powered chat services.

Let's make sure you know how to best use the GenAI playbooks.

GenAI playbooks are inseparable from the AI context it was developed on

Once you've set up your OpenAI integration, the most important thing is to provide contextual information to GPT4 to create a customised assistant that will be used in all of the AI features on Turn. If nothing is set up, GPT4 will be as vague and wide as the ocean, and the AI-powered chat journeys might end up being more distracting than helpful. The magic powers of large language models (LLMs) are deeply rooted in the layer of context you provide.

To test and use a GenAI playbook it is critical to set up the correct context on the Settings>AI page.
  • Every GenAI Playbook will have details about the context in the description. You need to copy&paste that to the relevant sections on the Settings > AI > Context page. For example:
  • Now, download the Playbook so that it gets duplicated to your account.
  • Once done, you will see the playbook in the Downloaded tab on the Playbooks page. If you open it you can click Activate Playbook to get the journey powering the specific playbook.
  • Have fun testing it out!
  • And, go beyond testing. Edit copy, change blocks, tweak the assistant, see what happens, and keep iterating. Have fun!

We are looking forward to seeing what you build.

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