How to integrate with OpenAI

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Give your team magical superpowers with AI

Use AI to provide better care. With Turn’s OpenAI integration, you can give your team superpowers like suggested replies, conversation summaries, auto-translation and more.

Let's set up the integration between and OpenAI

You will need a paid OpenAI account.

Setting up the integration is simple. The key thing to note is you will need a paid OpenAI account.

  1. Create your secret key in OpenAI

Go to and click the +Create new secret key button. You will be prompted to give your project a name whereafter you can create and copy the secret key.

  1. Share your secret key with Turn

Login to your account and go to Settings>AI. Click the Integrate with OpenAI button, and you will be prompted to paste your secret key. We will automatically validate the key. Click Save to continue.

Your account is now integrated with OpenAI. Let's continue to set up your AI assistant.

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