13 Feb 2023: Automatically mark messages as DONE

Neelke Stadler Updated by Neelke Stadler

Messages are now automatically marked as DONE when you close a chat.

In Turn there are two types of Collections: Message Collections and User Collections. Message Collections focus on each and every message that match specific criteria; so you might see a user repeatedly in a Message Collection. User Collections, however, focus on the person and the full conversation you are having with them over time. Every person will only appear once.

Message Collections allow you to mark messages as DONE or TO DO whilst User Collection gives you the ability to OPEN or CLOSE an entire chat.

  • When you CLOSE a chat all previous messages in that chat are automatically marked as DONE.
This will apply for all chats going forward. Chats that has been closed before will not be filtered from the Message Collections unless you re-open and close them.
  • These messages will therefore no longer appear in the default TO DO view of Message Collections.
  • Any new message from the user will RE-OPEN the chat and by default be marked as TO DO.

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