How to download and duplicate code journeys

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You can save any code journey as a markdown file, making it easy to reuse it later.

Let's look at the required steps.

Open the code you want to save as markdown. You need to make two updates to the URL in the browser:

  1. Add ?format=md at the end of the URL.
  2. Remove /app after
  3. If you are using the low-code canvas, remove /canvas from the URL

To illustrate, if this is the original URL:


Change it to

After you done the above changes in the URL, hit enter and you will get a Markdown file of the journey downloaded to your computer. You can now use this file wherever you need it.

Duplicating Code Journeys

In order to duplicate a journey, we can use the markdown that we downloaded in the previous step and have it duplicated on

In order to do this,

  1. open the markdown file and copy the entire file contents (or simply open the Markdown URL and copy all of the text from the site without downloading a file).
  2. Then, create a new code journey and delete all of the existing blocks.
  3. Create a new markdown block and paste the entire journey contents. Then hit save.
  4. Your journey is duplicated! Keep in mind that if you are duplicating journeys across numbers, any UUIDs that are referred to will need to be changed
  5. If you are using a low-code canvas, add /canvas to the end of the URL, to switch back to the low-code view. Make sure that the Journey is saved by moving one of the cards.

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