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How to manage personal information on the helpdesk?

Personable identifiable and sensitive information should be hidden on the helpdesk to protect your users privacy. . By default, WhatsApp shares the phone number and WhatsApp name for a person with th…

Neelke Stadler
Updated 2 weeks ago by Neelke Stadler

How to get location data over WhatsApp?

Location data can be important and useful data points on a chat service. Let's look at how you can get location data over WhatsApp.. A big thank you to Reach Digital Health for this article. It was o…

Updated 3 weeks ago by Rachael

How to block a user?

The well-being of your helpdesk operators is important. Operators can protect themselves by blocking anyone that interacts inappropriately on the Turn helpdesk. The blocking solution builds on famili…

Neelke Stadler
Updated 3 weeks ago by Neelke Stadler