How to use the Settings sidebar?

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Each message in a Journey has individual settings. Let's look at what you can define.

When you click on any message in the Journey you created, you will see a settings panel opening up on the right-hand side. The settings panel allow you to define details for each message. There are three settings section:

  • General
  • Interactions
  • Actions

General settings

Here you can do basic things like renaming your message. You can also set a specific message to be the first message in your journey.


This is the most important section because it is where you define the flow of your chat service. For every message, you need to specify what message comes next.

Let's look at different types of interactions and where they apply:

  1. Next: Only applies to Text Message, Text Question and Media Messages where you can specify the next message.
  2. Buttons and List: Although the behaviour of these interactions is the same as Next, it only triggers when a button/list item is selected by the user. For example, let's say you have a button message with 3 options, you can set up the chat journey to take the user to different messages based on their selection.
  3. Error message: Only applies to Reply Buttons and List Message. With this interaction you can specify an error message should the user reply with free text instead of selecting one of the options.


This is where the more advanced setup happens. Two key actions are currently available:

  1. You can update contact profile fields as users interact with your service.
  2. You can save important responses as downloadable results. This is similar to using the write_result() function in code journeys.

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