Where do I start with Build and Stacks?

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Stacks are fun! And very powerful. To try it out, work through the 10 Basic and Advanced Training stacks. Also read the documentation; it gives an overview plus LOTS of examples you can copy and paste.

Please book to join one of our Advanced Training sessions where we teach you how to use Stacks. Learning together is fun!

1. Start by checking out the training Stacks

We've added some basic stacks in Turn so that you can easily get a feeling for how stacks work. Select one of the training stacks, interact with it in the preview, try and editing something small in the code. Voila! Your are learning to use stacks.

Even without understanding any code, you can interact with the phone preview on the right of the Stacks page to see what the code is intended to do. Once you've experienced the interaction (see the GIF below), it will be much easier to modify the code in the left block to suit your use case.

Change things like the message text or button copy. Now, save your Stack and interacted with your updated Stack. Voila! Your are learning to use stacks.

2. Okay that sounds cool, but where do I find Stacks in Turn?

We're glad you've asked!

  • Log in to Turn, navigate to the Build page.
  • Select Add Stack.
  • Click the Load a Playbook dropdown.
  • Select any of the Basic or Advance Training examples.

3. Any documentation to learn more?

Of course! We've documented everything you need to know about Stacks; from a general overview covering the code structure and language to all the available functions and expressions that allows you to punch above your (coding) weight. Everything comes with ready-to-use code examples!

We also show you how to get data from Stacks, and more advanced actions like doing API integrations.

There are lots to learn, and lots of building blocks to use in crafting your impact service. Let's do this!

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