How to send a reminder? (alpha feature)

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At times you will need to reach out to people to follow up on important actions or share critical information.

Reminders allow you to personalise and send the same pre-approved template to a selected group of people. This means you can, for example, sent a follow up document, prompt an action or remind people of an important upcoming appointment.

Let's show you how do to send reminders in Turn.

Watch this video for a demo, or read the step-by-step explanation with screenshots below.

Step-by-step explanation

  1. Log in to Turn > Navigate to Reminders.
  2. Click "Send reminder".
  3. Type your search query in the search bar (see more search examples).
  1. View your results, and if you are happy with it go to the next step by clicking "Choose template".
  2. Choose one of your pre-approved templates.
  3. Complete all placeholder value/s to personalise the message. You can use text or contact fields in placeholders.
How do I use a contact field in a placeholder?
To personalise reminders dynamically by using a contact field rather that the same text for all users, you need to type @ followed by the name of the contact field. You will see a dropdown of available fields being shown to you.

For example:
To use each person's Whatsapp profile name when saying "Hi {{1}}!" you insert @whatsapp_profile_name in the first placeholder.

If you don't use the @ sign, the text will send as is, meaning instead of sending "Hi Neelke!", you will send "Hi contact.whatsapp_profile_name!" 😳. That's not what you want. Make sure to use the @ when referring to contact fields.
  1. IMPORTANT: Note the Reminders limitation.
What are the limitations and why?
By default, WhatsApp allows organisations to initiate conversation with 1000 people per day. Currently for alpha testing, Turn aligns with that and allows you to send 1000 reminders per day.

The 1000 limit however also apply even if your WhatsApp message limit have moved to tier 2. We will soon allow you to send reminders according to your WhatsApp tier's messaging limit.

What if I want to send to more than 1000 contacts?
- The first 1000 people will receive the message today
- The next 1000 will get the message 24 hours from now
- This will continue until your defined audience is reached
  1. Confirm and send! You are now reaching out to your selection of people! 🚀

Once you've done your first send you will see your history on the Reminders page.

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