What is the status of my reminder?

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The reminders page provide you with an overview of sends, including feedback on message delivery.

When you navigate to the Reminders page you will see all your historic sends.

What are the possible statuses of a reminder?

A reminder can have one of three statuses:

  • Scheduled: This reminder is scheduled to send at a date and time in the future.
  • In Progress: This reminder is currently being send to people.
  • Completed: The send has been executed. Click on the reminder to see more details on the success of the send.
  • Cancelled: This reminder was cancelled by you. If it already started sending you will see progress updates.

What is the message status data telling me?

Once you click on a reminder you will see details on the success of the send. A reminder can complete even though some messages failed to send. It is important to consider the details of each reminder.

For completed reminders you will see how many messages were sent, delivered and/or read. In the case where we are still waiting for WhatsApp to update a status you will see "pending". This section will update regularly and you can check back for refreshed numbers.

The message was sent to the user.
The message was delivered successfully to the user.
The user open and read the message. Read receipts may be turned off by the user resulting in this status not updating.
We have not yet receive a status from WhatsApp.

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