Can I switch between a code and a no-code journey?

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When you create a journey you choose between no-code OR code. You cannot switch between the two types interchangeably.

On the Journey page, the list view shows all your created journeys. Note the icons before the name indicating at a glance whether it is a code or no-code journey.

Although you can't switch between Journey's type, the no-code journeys allow you to view and edit the code

Once you open a no-code journey you will see a little code icon in the header. If you click that it will show you the underlining code. You can edit as you want and return to the no-code view. This is important for debugging processes or adding functions to your Journey.

Code journeys can't be switched to no-code journeys

The best part about code is how much more flexibility it gives you. The sky really is the limit. Code allows you more than the canvas does. So to reduce confusion and breaking things - code journeys are expressed in code only.

We recommend using the no-code journeys with a code block when needed

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