How to send or schedule a reminder?

At times you will need to reach out to people to follow up on important actions or share critical information. Reminders allow you to personalise and send the same pre-approved template to a selected…

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How many people can I send Reminders to?

WhatsApp determines the number of unique users you can initiate a conversation with per 24 hours.. By default, WhatsApp allows organisations to initiate conversation with 1000 people per 24 hours. Th…

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Contact search examples (alpha feature)

Contact search is powerful! Let's show you all the possibilities. None of us appreciate unsolicited messaging. Therefore, when we talk about sending reminders to contacts we have to reiterate that Wh…

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Understanding Reminders' statuses and stats

The Reminders page provides progress feedback and message status stats. When you navigate to the Reminders page you will see all your historic sends. The list view provides the status, name, progress…

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