Developer FAQs

How secure is my data?

Data is encrypted in transit as we force SSL certifications for our API connections. Databases are encrypted at rest. Messages exchanged over WhatsApp between and end users are end to end enc…

Neelke Stadler
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Securing Data Localization in the Desired Region During Bigquery Integration

To ensure data location alignment with your organization's or country's regulations, you must complete the following steps prior to uploading your credentials on Turn or initiating integration with T…

Manish Manohar
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What is 1013 error code?

The 1013 error code signifies that the given number is not registered on WhatsApp. Therefore, attempting to send a message via API to a number without an active WhatsApp account will result in a 1013…

Manish Manohar
Updated by Manish Manohar