Help! I'm struggling to get verified?

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We're going to help you with troubleshooting. It will be worth it!

Take note: If you don’t provide this extra information within a week, you'll have to start the process all over again. 
Not getting business verification may be due to the following: 
  • A submitted document isn’t an accepted type. For example, business bank account statements are accepted but invoices not.
  • Your submission is incomplete
  • The language used in your document(s) is unsupported.
  • A document isn't viewable (e.g. the text is too small or blurry) or has expired
  • Your documentation doesn't contain a legal business name. 
  • The name on your document(s) doesn't match your business name.
  • Your documentation doesn't contain a business address or it contains only a partial address or an address that doesn't match your business address. 
  • Your documentation doesn't contain a business phone number or the number that you supplied doesn't match your business phone number. 
  • You own your website domain but it doesn’t make it through verification. Make sure that your website is viewable and belongs to your business.
  • Additional documents are required. 
Official troubleshooting article from Facebook. And the official list of acceptable documentation.

If your issue is that the Start Verification button is greyed-out please continue reading here.

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