How to block a user?

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The well-being of your helpdesk operators is important.

Operators can protect themselves by blocking anyone that interacts inappropriately on the Turn helpdesk. The blocking solution builds on familiar patterns, such as spam in Email, to make it intuitive to use.

How to block a user

In the action bar below the Reply Box you will see a Block action. To block a user click on it.

Note: The informational modal telling you what happens when you block a user will only appear the first time you block a user.

What does blocking do?

When a user is blocked, the following happens:

  • The conversation is moved to the Blocked collection. It will be removed from any other regular collections.
  • No new messages from or to the user will show up in the interface. All communication are stop (blocked) from both sides.
  • The Block button changes to Unblock. This provides visual feedback to operators that this user is blocked and it lets them unblock a user, in case of a mistake.

How to unblock a user

If you made a mistake, you can always unblock a user. This will result in the ability to send and received messages again, and the conversation will appear in other collections.

Better, safer helpdesks!

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