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Neelke Stadler
Updated 1 year ago by Neelke Stadler


Connect your account to third-party applications so they can share information with each other. This is a powerful way to enhance functionality without duplicating effort. Turn enables three…

Neelke Stadler
Updated 2 months ago by Neelke Stadler

Where do I find my credentials for the Message Template API?

Navigate to Settings > API & Webhooks. Click the Generate Credentials button. View your Message Template API details including namespace and access token.

Simon de Haan
Updated 10 months ago by Simon de Haan

How do I create message templates via the API?

The message templates API allows one to create message templates for approval by Facebook. It is a REST API that works the same as Facebook's own Graph API as per their documentation. Turn currently…

Simon de Haan
Updated 1 year ago by Simon de Haan

Upload and send a sticker via the API

Stickers can be uploaded as media and then sent in WhatsApp messages to users via the API. Let's look at how you would do this: Step 1: Upload the media to WhatsApp (as described in the documentation…

Paige Finkelstein
Updated 1 year ago by Paige Finkelstein

New to webhooks?

Webhooks enable third-party services to send or receive real-time updates to or from your app.. If you are setting up and testing webhooks you can use Requestbin to inspect any event (HTTP or webhook…

Neelke Stadler
Updated 1 year ago by Neelke Stadler

Custom Integrations

Setting Up the Custom Integration. First, navigate to "Settings" and then click the "Integrations" tab Next, from the drop button "Add an Integration" select "Custom Integration" At this point you ne…

Nathan Begbie
Updated 1 month ago by Nathan Begbie

How to set up a RapidPro integration

Integrations are a great way to connect external tools with Turn. One of the default integration that Turn provides is with RapidPro. RapidPro vs Textit RapidPro and Textit is the same product. Texti…

Manish Manohar
Updated 5 months ago by Manish Manohar