How to re-connect with users using message templates

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Message templates make it possible to re-connect with users after the 24-hour window period for responding with free messages has expired. Here’s how to create them in

If you think back to our article on the dos and don’ts of message templates, you’ll remember that:

  • User messages can be responded to for free within 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can only send pre-approved, paid-for message templates.
  • These templates are subject to approval by WhatsApp (the turnaround time for approval is roughly 2 to 3 days). After approval, message templates cannot be changed or updated.
  • Message templates have been developed to prevent WhatsApp from becoming a broadcast platform that exploits users. As such, advertising, marketing and promotional messages are not allowed.

We encourage you to read this article again, and to familiarise yourself with WhatsApp’s official message template guidelines before we take a look at how to create, submit and send message templates via

How to re-connect with users using message templates:

  1. Buy a pre-paid amount from
  2. Create and submit your template(s) to WhatsApp for approval.
  3. Send message templates to users.

If is not your BSP points 1 and 2 will not apply to your organisation - contact us for assistance on those. You can however jump to point 3 on how to send message templates.

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