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If you use as your BSP, you're able to manage billing for your organisation from the user interface.

If is not your BSP, your organisation will not be able to track your spend or top up via the self-service process. Please contact us for assistance.

Let's take a look at what you'll find on the Billing page.

What can you do on the Billing page?

  • View the amount your organisation has available to spend on message templates. Below the Amount Available value you will see the breakdown of how it is calculated.
Amount available
The amount available is calculated overall and tells you how much funds your organisation has available to spend on sending templates.

It is calculated as follow:
Paid top ups - (minus) funds spent on delivered templates - (minus) funds reserved for templates that are pending.
Pending templates
Pending templates are any template messages that you have sent but does not yet have a 'delivered' status from WhatsApp.

This could be due to the user not having mobile data, the user not having access to a network connection, the user not being on WhatsApp, the number not existing, the user has blocked your service's number, etc.
  • View the breakdown of your spend (per day, number and country) for the current and previous month. Use the drop down to navigate between the two available billing periods.
Last paid top up
This tells you the last amount you requested and paid, and on what date.
It helps you understand how much you need and how long it lasts for your service.
Unpaid top up requests
Some times you might think that you should have more funds available than indicated in the available amount. One problem could be that you requested a top up but never paid the invoice. We help you understand if this is the case.

To find an invoice that you haven't yet paid, please refer to your email inbox.

A few things to note

  • Billing is contracted per organisation. If you have more than one number, the Amount Available and Total Spend will reflect the overall balance for your organisation. You can see a breakdown of the spend per number, as well as per country:
  • Message templates are pre-paid. This means that, before you can submit a template to WhatsApp, you first have to purchase a pre-paid dollar (USD) amount. You can use the WhatsApp rate card to learn more about the pricing structure. There is no additional cost from us on top of what WhatsApp charges you.
  • Message templates can only be purchased in USD on WhatsApp charges you per message template delivered, based on the recipient's country/region and the volume of templates sent per country/region.
  • Once your USD amount is depleted, your message templates will not send. You'll need to top up using the self-service process. You'll see a red banner on your screen notifying you if your balance is below $5.
Find the official WhatsApp pricing for message templates here.

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