What to expect of Build while it is in Alpha?

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The Alpha version of Build requires some technical expertise as you will need to use our domain-specific coding language (DSL) to build your own Stacks.

While it is pretty easy to learn, if you'd rather wait for our drag-and-drop user interface it will be launched with Build Beta in the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on the Product Updates category to always know when new things are added.
  1. Documentation so that early adopters can start familiarising themselves with the language and its capabilities. The documentation is live at https://whatsapp.turn.io/docs/category/build for both Stacks and the API to retrieve the results captured by Stacks (Flow Results API).
  2. Build's Alpha Interface includes a code block to write DSL code and a live simulator that you can use to test your Stack as you create it. The simulator also allows you to test your experience with with different user profiles.

We’re continuing to finalise designs for the Build Beta version which will include a no-code interface for those of you who prefer drag and drop over code. We're also making Threads compatible with Build so that there is a seamless transfer from one to the other in future.

Exciting things to come! We can't wait to see what you build...

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